We will be providing “high” quality childcare to families with young children. The definition of high quality can be different for each child care center as well as for potential client looking for child care. We believe the process is more important than the product. Our curriculum is planned to give children opportunities to explore in the areas of math, science, art, social studies and reading readiness. We will help children learn, grow and acquire skills that would be beneficial for their lives. We welcome children from different cultural backgrounds. We designed activities that stimulate growth. Special events are carefully planned to encourage interaction of families. We make sure that diversity is part of all our activities in order children are exposed to different cultures which harmony and respect are presented in the best possible way.


(Ages 6 weeks to 16 month)

The first year of a child’s life is an amazing time of growth and is the building block for future stages of development. Babies change dramatically in the first few months’ life. We provide a loving atmosphere where intellectual and physical development is stimulated with music, literacy, language, muscle development, and exploration of the environment using age appropriate equipment. A staff ratio of at least 1 adult per 4 children is maintained. All activities, along with a detailed account of baby’s schedule will be documented for parents to review at the end of each day. We provide as much teacher-child contact as possible.

Our teachers are required to supervise infants and toddlers in different activities both outdoors and indoors making sure that their senses are stimulated for a better understanding of the world around them.

When infant turns 16 months of age, the child will be joining our TODDLER classroom. It is extremely important for us that your child has time to adjust to the new classroom and teacher. This will allow an easy transition period that can be beneficial for their emotional growth. Therefore, the center’s program embarks a process that would arrange for your child to visit his/her new classroom periodically throughout few weeks.


(Ages 16 months to 33 month old)

This curriculum is designed to cover areas of physical activity, language, arts, socialization, communication, and self-sufficiency skills with emphasis on exploration and discovery. A staff ratio is at least one adult to 7 children. Daily routine includes times for small and large group experiences and time for outside play both guided and free play. We make sure that the weather is one of the criteria that outside play are safe. Language acquisition is part of the curriculum which centers are used to promote literacy. Daily songs and stories, opportunities for children to count, recognize shapes and colors are part of their daily routine. Toddlers are introduced to various artistic activities in order to provide exploration. Dancing and painting are part of their activities of the day. Daily progress Report with activities performed that day, diapering/potty training, naptime and feeding will be available to the parents at the end of the each day in order for parents to have a clearer view of their children’s day at the center.


(Ages 33 months to first day of kindergarten)

Preschool children are exploring with expanding interests, they are busy exploring their environment and learning to communicate their own thoughts. Our preschool program offers a rich variety of projects and activities and allows children to make choices and be successful. Children are engaged in a variety of learning opportunities and situations which will include (but not be limited to) social, emotional, cognitive, physical, literal, artistic and imaginative skills with targeted lesson and activity components where focus will be on effectiveness and outcome. Daily activities promote a love of reading and children are introduced to a world of numbers and letters, learning to use acceptable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns, cooperating and interacting with peers. It is through child-directed play and fun; preschoolers are actually learning, a specific weekly schedule/lesson plan for your child classroom is posted in the classroom. You will be updated regularly regarding your child’s educational goals and weekly accomplishments. You may see some ‘homework, or home activities coming home at times. Little Bee’s Child Care Center believes that by working with families we can create the best possible environment for the children

Our goal is to prepare your child to successfully enter kindergarten, and to become a successful lifetime learner.

Teaching staff supervise children primarily by sight. Supervision for short intervals by sound is permissible, as long as teachers check frequently on children who are out of sight.(e.g those who can use toilet)

We will be offering Parent-Teacher conferences twice a year as an opportunity for families to discuss their children’s development, interests, and achievements. Families are welcome to schedule any additional conferences they desire.

When children move to kindergarten we will be able to connect with local elementary schools and provide any information about child’s development upon parent’s request.


We are offering before and after school care program for children attending schools, providing mixing independent and organized activities. Our before-after school program focus on goal setting, team building, homework support, community projects and self-reflection.

During school holidays and summer months, we offer a full-day schedule rich in hands-on activities and exciting field trips!

We provide breakfast, lunch (non-school days) afternoon snack. Also we may offer transportation to/from school please ask school director for an additional details.

Children will be moving to the next classrooms at the following ages:

When infant turns 16 months of age, child will be joining our TODDLER classroom.

Toddler will be moving to the PRESCHOOL classroom at the age of 33 month.

It is extremely important that your child has time to adjust to the new classroom and teachers, so we would arrange for your child to visit his/her new classroom periodically throughout few weeks. Teachers will let each parent know when the transitions begin.